NBA Draft Explained

The NBA Draft occurs every June and allows the 30 NBA Teams to draft players who are eligible to join the league. There are a number of different rules and procedures surrounding the draft and a players eligibility to be drafted.

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NBA Schedule Explained

The NBA Schedule is pretty simple once you get a grasp of it. For European fans 82 games seems like a lot at first but once you understand how it works then you understand why there are that many.

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NBA Standings Explained

The NBA standings are complicated to understand at first but once you get a grasp of it it is actually pretty simple.

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NBA Teams: Which One Should You Support? (1 of 2)

First things first you need a team and you are spoilt for choice. There are 30 NBA teams each with its own history, reputation and philosophy. If you’re struggling to choose which one to support, these descriptions should help you choose which one suits you best.

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