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This website was set up a couple of years ago as a way to help those understand the complexities of the NBA. More recently as part of my dissertation I have started a website called Through the Hoop UK dedicated to raising the profile of British basketball. If it is something you would be interested in checking out, you can find it here. Feedback, sharing and anything to help me out with this website would be greatly appreciated.


NBA Salary Cap Explained

The NBA Salary Cap is one of the most misunderstood parts of the NBA due to its complexity. This is the easy to understand version that should help you get a better grasp of your teams financial situation.

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NBA Draft Explained

The NBA Draft occurs every June and allows the 30 NBA Teams to draft players who are eligible to join the league. There are a number of different rules and procedures surrounding the draft and a players eligibility to be drafted.

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NBA Season Awards Explained

At the end of the NBA season there are a number of individual awards handed out to players who have performed well in a number of different categories. This a breakdown of each and how and why they are awarded.

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NBA Playoffs Explained

The NBA Playoffs are the finale to the long NBA season. Here names are made, basketball matters and titles are won. For those familiar with other American sports the playoffs are simple to understand. But for those who are not, or who are just looking for a refresher this is the guide to the NBA Playoffs.

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NBA Standings Explained

The NBA standings are complicated to understand at first but once you get a grasp of it it is actually pretty simple.

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